Do you have the fear?!

If you thought Halloween was scary just wait until HMRC get you! Contact us now to take away the fear… we can do it for just £300. You have until midnight on 31st January to submit your completed online self-assessment (personal tax return). If you miss the deadline you’ll be fined £100 by HMRC. This applies even if you don’t owe any tax or are due a refund.





A kind word

Derek has been excellent since day one. My previous accountant had left me in a mess. Figured Out have managed to sort everything! Very quick and efficient, I would highly recommend  to everyone. Thanks for sorting my mess. David Milne @ Pure Eco Solutions Scotland Ltd

I went to see Derek for my Corporation Tax and I wish I went earlier! Fabulous service, really easy to talk to, and speaks in terms you actually understand. Very helpful and knowledgeable, but more so willing to pass his knowledge on to his clients so they can help themselves a bit more. –Tracey Martin @ Hair of the Dog Scotland Ltd

I’ve been utilising Figured Out’s services for over 5 years now. They are quick, efficient and always able to reply to the many head scratching questions I’ve had about tax that only accountants can help with! I can’t recommend Derek highly enough for sorting out your tax returns. Brendon Ward @ Inkerman Creative

I found Figured Out three years ago after having an unpleasant experience with another accountant that left me both inconvenienced and out of pocket. Derek’s approach continues to impress me three years on from commencing work with him. His straightforward communication and transparent pricing strategy gives both confidence and assurance in the quality of his services. I’ve since recommended him successfully to friends and family alike and wouldn’t hesitate in endorsing Derek and Figured Out.Gill Baird @ Bigmouth Media and Marketing Limited & One Tree House Limited

Having worked with Derek at Figured Out for a few years now, since our days as a starry eyed start-up photo booth company, we genuinely cannot recommend him highly enough. Unique to the world of accountancy, Derek brings professionalism, cost effectiveness and dare I say it, personality. Derek’s approachable and cheery demeanour make him very easy to work with and he has become an essential strand in the growth of our business. Derek has assisted us to navigate the complex world of tax returns and his patience and down to earth approach have helped us not only keep our business on track financially but move forward with confidence. – N Matheson @ Glimmerbooth

One word – EXCELLENT. With me being one of the most disorganised people Derek was a God send! He took me through all the steps I needed to consider in order to get my accounts in order. He was patient, very patient, and professional. I am extremely happy working with Figured Out and look forward to a long future together. I really could not recommend them highly enough, thanks Figured Out!M Budd @ Studio 75

I found the service from Figured Out to be friendly, yet professional and efficient. They helped to alleviate the financial business stress. L MacMillian @ Cafe Strange Brew

Figured Out accountants are definitely the best accounting firm that I have used. Derek is easy to talk with and works very fast and efficiently to resolve any problems. I would highly recommend them to everyone. – J Allan @ Forevermore Tattoo Parlour

I moved to the UK from Spain. My tax return was very confusing and completely different to what I was used to. Figured Out was recommended to us by a colleague and within a matter of days Derek had sorted out everything for us with HMRC. He explained to us how everything works and what we needed to do for future tax returns. We absolutely recommend Figured Out for their quick, efficient and friendly service. – R Gomez @ Forevermore Tattoo Parlour

I am most grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Derek from Figure Out. He helped me to organize and better manage my operations and he has always gone out his way to ensure that I am completely satisfied.Laura Hervas @ LH Mobile Veterinary Services

I’ve found the service at Figured Out to go above and beyond in all occasions. Derek is very professional, approachable and friendly and makes the process of dealing with tax returns and any other accounting matters a complete ease. He has been a delight to work with during this time. Figured Out was highly recommended by a friend and as a business owner I would definitely pass on my recommendations too. – Julie Mcleod @ MasterChef Contestant & Television Personality


Time to pay the piper

Have you had any thoughts on when you would like to complete your personal tax return (Self Assessment) for 2015-16? The tax year ended at the beginning of April so it can be submitted to HMRC now.

Although the deadline for completion is in fact the 31st January 2017 it is ill-advised to wait until the last minute. In fact it may be best practice to get things done while the financial year is still fresh in your mind and the information close at hand.

Please let us know if you would like us to complete your return now. Otherwise if you would like us to complete your return, however at a later date, please let us know when you would like to receive a courtesy reminder.



Contact us to take the pain away before it’s too late… we can do it for just £300 🙂 You have until midnight on 31st Jan to submit your completed online self-assessment (personal tax return). If you miss the deadline you’ll be fined £100 by HMRC. This applies even if you don’t owe any tax or are due a refund 🙁